VonCotton is no more.  I have decided, with the full support of my fellow band mates to go solo. Hahaha… To be honest, as it was a great many thought my name was in fact Von Cotton and that I was already a solo act. The core of the band will remain in tact, that is, drummer Jimmie Acre and lead guitarist John Bowdler aren’t leaving.  The reason for the shift has little to do with vanity and more to do with the realization over the past couple of years that navigating the professional musical waters is far easier and preferable as a solo artist than as a band. I started this musical venture, foremost as a songwriter first and  a singer second with a want of performing original material and so I guess you could say I’m getting back to where I started.  I have had the pleasure of working with many talented players and personalities over the years, none more so than Jimmie who was there with me from the beginning and my left musical hand, John Bowdler. The three of us have been through a great deal together both professionally and personally. We’ve laughed, fought, created, rehearsed, traveled, played and witnessed a great deal on our journeys and I’ll be indebted to these brothers of mine. I will continue to write songs and bring them forth to the boys in the band for their creative input as I have always done.  I will be slowly phasing out the VonCotton name over the next couple of months and introducing myself as Brant Cotton and my band will be known as ‘The Outliers’. If you wish to follow me or keep up to date with various shows and shennanigans you can @Brantcotton.com or on Facebook as Brant Cotton and the Outliers.